Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Find Your Niche

 How to Get More Traffic to your Blog - I
Days have gone past when people were confined to Google adwords and other paid ways to get traffic to their website or blog. But Now the trend has been changed, with the flow of web developers and other professionals (web marketers) people opt to go with free stuff, even in marketing their websites.

The best way to get traffic is to select the best niche for your website. The niche must be selected that suits the content most. But their are few websites which gather their views not only on their content but also on their selected niche. Most of them are supportive and interactive in a manner that they provide information, entertainment and support for some gadgets and products at the same time. 

"Question & Answer" and "How To" sites are gaining popularity day by day on the internet. Many people make it a habit to look to these sites for help. That's where you come in. In order to make use of these sites, you'll need to submit valuable content. Most of these sites allow you to leave a link to the source of your answer. Answer one or two questions per day and provide useful answers. If you answer too many questions at one time with your link, you'll be suspected of spamming and your account will most likely be deleted. Exercise restraint here and these sites can be a valuable source of both back links and traffic. Getting your website listed to many others like ezinearticles.com can also come in handy.

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