Friday, April 1, 2011

Search Engine Optimization: Motivation

There are a lot of programs that offer search engine optimization but either they are very expensive or their performance is not up to the desired level. You might think that search engine optimization can only be achieved by addressing different blogs but back-linking a few blogs so that your blog gets some attention from blogs of your own niche can really makes a difference. There is no such thing as search engine optimizer. Until and unless you have a blog of your interest you can never get anything out of that. So as told by many professional bloggers you, you need to have an interest in what you are blogging about. There are many old blog posts that show up when you search for any item on Google. This is not because using any kind of search engine optimizer but this is due to the consistency that a blogger have to put more and more stuff on the internet to help people get the information they are looking for. Being able to put stuff daily on your blog about a same niche for more than year assures your good search engine ranking. Search engines like Google has a webmaster tool that looks for blogs and websites having the rich content on any specific topic. There are certain methods that you can follow for improvement and one of them is making a routine on writing posts and articles on same niche. The more your content carries keywords that are searched by users the more chances for your blog to get recognize. Search engine optimization has different rules and ways which I will explain in my later posts. There are some people who are earning as many as $90/hr by doing search engine optimization for different websites. You can even check a list of them by searching highly paid search SEOs. You won't directly get that much but still $30 won't be bad to start of. So go out there and throw yourself in the world of blogs and make your very own blog best optimized for search engine. 


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