Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Search Engine Optimization: Targeted Traffic

By the end of this post you will be able to implement the ways to attract the targeted viewers to your website/blog that you were looking for. So let's get started. As I have mentioned in previous posts that some getting traffic to your blog is one thing but getting the regular traffic on the base of targeted traffic (the regular viewers that come to your blog in the need of what you have in content) is what matters most. There are many tips that you will find on different websites. The SEO, makes it easier for you to start capturing the eyes of your viewers by adding some keywords, metadata and posts in the name of rich content. 
As we all know that not every body wants to learn the tricks of trade here at world wide web. Using the search engine optimization tricks you can attract the people who you want to. and this is done by using a keywords in the start and the end paragraph of your post and the rich content that relates to your keywords in the middle paragraph. People want to spend their time to gather information what they believe help them, and if you have the content of their needs you win!!! you can also add a "favorite this post" link to each of you post in that way you may gather a few extra visits as well.  
Social networking is another cool way for the best search engine ranking. Though I will add a separate post for the importance of social networking in search engine optimization (SEO), at this point you need to know that social networking has cleaned the board with its importance. Use social networking website to get more targeted   views than you usually get and lastly as I always say put your efforts in finding the trends and post according to them.

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venugopal said...

weer can i get more tips SEO.,???...

is SEO is [part of MEM???

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