Thursday, October 28, 2010

Selecting a Misleading Domain Name

To many of you this may not be a good idea but some of you may already be taking a huge advantage of selecting a misleading domain name. Whether you may or may not be a part of any conference or workshop about "blogging tips" you should have a mind set that you won't be getting any views if your domain name is misleading but it seems a bitter truth that for a decent start you can also give a shot to a domain name that resembles any other big website or blog.
Although I count this in "ways to get traffic" but I doubt it at the same time. The only doubt that I have is you don't have visitors that will come to your blog regularly. Beside that, it is a great way to cash in the big names. 
 It is the matter of time and effort for you to take your blog to the next level. Since you have a domain name that automatically brings you boat load of traffic every day, you just have to provide the basic facilities of the blog or website that you are making a duplicate of. 
 Lets say you have a blog that has a domain name "" it just seems to be a typo error but imagine 2 billion people coming to Google and even if there is a probability of 0.0001% that would type "googlr" instead of Google, there would be more than thousands of clicks each day to you blog or website. But remember one thing that you should always be providing same services that are provided by the original domain user in our case its Google.

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