Saturday, October 30, 2010

Use Appropriate Keywords in Image File Names

There are many websites and blogs that have made to the top rank due to their appropriate keywords in image file names. In fact, one of my websites gets hundreds of visits a month from people who are searching for images. I'm not sure how valuable those visitors are, but most importantly I didn't have to do anything very special to get them, except putting my blog name under each of the image that I upload to my website.
Google Images- makes it easy for people to search for their required images online. To make your image appear among the top results you must assign it a unique and rich with keywords name. This is done by naming the image file that you are going to upload, with rich keywords. For example if you have a blog about "pets" and you upload 3-4 images per post, you must name cat image as "best kitten ever" or may be "cutest cat".

Now the question raises ............. why?
Here's a tip I just discovered... When I searched in Google Images for my "cat blog" there come the images which were decent but I don't find much of those uninteresting and simple. I was rather wondering for the natural but unique images of cats doing different kind of funny things, and there came the moment of "Aa, Ha!". I decided to upload images of my cats doing funny stuff and upload those images titling "cutest cats" and "funny cats" etc. 

But there is one thing that you must remember is the number of search results of your keywords. When I started back in 2004 building websites and blogs it was easy to target the audience but now its a bit difficult job to do since there are 1.27 Million results of "cutest cat" images. So you got to hit the market by getting traffic from other sources and techniques and consider your images as an additional traffic source.



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