Thursday, October 7, 2010

Back Linking

How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog - IV
In my recent post I have mentioned that building up links involves a lot of hard work. Traffic through search engines is very effective and important way for blogs popularity. Google keywords are part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but their is also another method that exist for good search engine ranking and that is building backup links.
There are many ways of building backup links. One of the best ways is to present information that is unique and updated. Updating your blog is extremely important. It requires 1 hour of your daily routine and can make you handsome money if not the whole month income.Make a difference between your blog and any other blog of the same niche by creating some backup links that are also updated every now and then. Make your blog informative in a manner that it supports the facts and share other related material to its users as well. In that way it will make it easy for people to link with your page. Consider writing an ebook of your posts and provide it free to your visitors and followers. I will make sure to write about this ebook style of getting traffic in detail sometime.

To make a link exchange it is highly important to connect to those people who are blogging on the same niche that you are. It happens quite a few times that people link their bog with those which have not relevancy to their niche. So linking to relevant blogs and asking them to link your website could get you a good google ranking as well as traffic from that vary blog. 

Buying links is also a method for the promotion of your blog. But eventually it derives traffic to your blog costing you money. So I won't be the one who will be giving you advice for buying backup links. Since you have free methods, why should you spend money on something that you can get free.
As a blogger I know that when you start blogging there are so many niches that you will like to write upon. So you may have 3 or may be over 3 blogs of your own. Try posting each of their link to each blog, that way you can get traffic and popularity from your own blogs and let your visitors decide which of your blog is the best!

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Demonino said...

Hey, just so your comment on my blog, thanks for the compliments, your blogs r awsome 2 it seems as you really worked hard doing them so just keep doing it :) ill put your links on my blog of course and itd be great if you did the same with mine!


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