Friday, October 8, 2010

Use Social Networks

How to Get More Traffic To Your Blog - V
Viral marketing is used to describe when a product or advertisement spreads very quickly around the internet. Something that "goes viral" has the potential to reach millions of people within a few days. It is called viral because it acts and spread the same way a virus does.
Look at the common flu virus. Once one person gets it, they can pass it on to more people. Then each of those people pass it on to more people. It keeps spreading out and soon everyone has the flu.
In marketing it works the same way. Let's look at an example. I find a funny video on YouTube and create a page on my site for it. I then send out an email to my friends. Five of my friends come to my site. So we are starting with five people. Now each of those friends then tells five friends. Now 25 new people have come to my site. Then each of those 25 people tell 5 people. That brings the total up to 125 new people. And once again each of them tells 5 people. Now 625 new people headed to my site. If they each told 5 people, that would bring my 3125 more visitors. And just one more. They tell five people and I get 15625 new visitors to my site.
I hope you see the huge potential here. You can quickly reach a huge number of people. Each of those people is a potential customer for you. Just imagine if each person in my example told 10 people. Here is something for you to think about. I recently read that the average Facebook user has 137 friends. So if they told each of their friends how many visitors do you think you would get to your website. You traffic stats would be off the charts.
Now that you understand how implementing viral advertising can get free traffic to a website, I'm sure you are wondering what kinds of things have the potential to "go viral." Unfortunately, you can never be sure what will go viral until you try it. I have had some videos I thought would go viral, and then nothing happened. While I have seen a couple of reports that I thought weren't all that good literally spread all over the internet.
There are many things that have the potential to go viral. Ebooks, videos, flash games, articles, news items, and gossip can all can go viral and drive free traffic to your website. Although it is possible, you will probably not hit a home run on your first try. Don't be discouraged. Keep trying until you get something to go viral.


Annabelle said...

Hi Abeer,

I've been teaching myself Digital Graphics and other mediums in the arts for a while now and would like very much to sell my work online but the problem I'm facing is exposure.
I would like to create traffic to my new Art blog
( ).

Recently, I created a graphic entitled "Midnight Margaritas"; inspired by the movie "Practical Magic" for a blog party celebrating the movie. I offered the DG as a personal souvenir token of the event but unfortunately out of 260 some participants, I got a total of twenty some comments. I even posted the work on Flickr, Flickr groups, Facebook,Twitter.... nothing. Now, once again, I have joined in on two Halloween Celebrations, working hard on some DG , will post some giveaways and probably again will have no visitors.
I thought a lot of people would adore Halloween, Fairytales, Magic Ghost Stories, beautiful images and music, the movie "Practical Magic ", Witches and basically something free would have certainly lured them....I guess I've been proved wrong, definitely making some mistakes...Would appreciate some help.

If you find the time, please take a look at my new site (the Wood Beyond the World) and my older site of some years ( Pastoral Dreams ) and maybe you could steer me in the right direction.

Thanks again. I am now a subscriber to your site.
Annabelle ~^..^~


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