Monday, October 25, 2010

Widget Marketing for Web Traffic

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog - XI
So far, we have discussed many methods of getting traffic from different sources for your blog. Today, I will write something for your blog that can really help you in future. Many tricks and methods that bring targeted traffic to your blog are temporary ways. But this one that I am just going to discuss has an everlasting effect to your traffic. Widget marketing is the next big thing for your blog.
I personally came across many websites and blogs that have their own widgets. You can design a single or multiple widgets for your blog for free. There are many websites that offers free widget building for your websites or blog but there are some that have a very less sign up fee and cost nothing for the development of your widgets. I highly recommend you test or try a free widget maker for your blog sometime.

Suppose you have a blog about weather updates around the world. The first thing you need to do after getting your blog to a good number of viewers is making a weather widget for your blog that can update weather updates and link your blog if clicked. Often times I came across widgets that have some information that I want to set on my blog. When someone click to that widget on my blog, that widget take my viewer to the blog that has been linked (in most cases the widget maker website). 

So You should definitely thinking for making widgets for your blog and contact blog owners of your genre and ask them if they are interested in putting your widget on their blog that would help them and you as well. So go ahead and make a widget.

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