Saturday, October 23, 2010

Site Mapping Your Blog

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog - X
Some times it happens that you have posted a lot of articles and other content regularly on your blog but still you don't get the desired traffic you are looking for. This is because Google bot finds it difficult to crawl your blog. So in order to make your blog such that Google bot crawl your blog easily you must have a page that has content from all of your posts or articles.

Most of the websites that we surf or use in our daily routine are those which have a site map page. This page explains the web content of the blog. This is same as the brochures of any company that describes what that company has to offer or what content they have in their services. So your site map page will have the links to other pages of your blog. It will highlights the important pages and eventually will help you getting more traffic to your blog.

Often times it ma happens that the content you think best describes your blog is not highlighted and the content that have less appeal to your users is more prominent in your blog. To avoid this feeling you must mention the best pages or post along the side of your every post or article. This is how you get more clicks and make your visitor to remain at your blog. So site mapping is also a very important factor for promotion of your blog since it increase the SEO ratings and rank your blog higher in search engine ranking in comparison to other blogs.

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