Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Organic SEO

There are many paid ways that we have discussed in my previous posts. But bringing unpaid traffic trough keywords and related content is called organic search engine optimization. Pay attention to search engine because search engine loves good number of highly used keywords by you in your blog/ website and in return you get organic traffic.

A key to get organic traffic is to use what people like to search and what are the latest trends of search. You can always search latest trends and what are the latest topic on Google trends. Check what's is people liking these days in your field and by your field I mean the topic that your blog is all about. For example if you have a blog about latest gadgets try searching words like 4G technology or tablet PC etc. The most searched keywords are the words that you must use in your content.  The file names of your blogs must be meaningful and closer to the keywords that are most searched and you are already using them inside the content of your page. Inside contents make good use of synonyms of the keywords.

Get internal and external links for your website. Your blog should direct your user to other related and informative sites that you think are helpful to your user. In this way you get good credit and also better ranking among search results.


TheGreenbush said...

great point. Looking at trending topics is a great way to help you pick a keyword. I will often use Yahoo.com and Twitter to check topics that are trending on the internet. It's a great organic seo services that can give your site a traffic boost. Thanks


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