Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Improve Page Title

So far, I have mentioned many tips and tricks for getting more traffic to your blog but this is not necessarily depends on what content do you have. It depends on keywords optimization as well as the page title or your post title. Posting effective and attractive blog title for your blog can get you many visitors as well. 

As we all know the importance of Title for a book we must take tremendous care about our blogs in the same manner.  On the internet people come to search and read things fast they don't want to stuck on some blog that don't describe the data and support the user is looking for. Most of the blog visitors switch between blogs just reading the title of the blog post. So in order to get more and more traffic to your blog and make your visitors to stay to your blog you would need to have an attractive yet interesting post title.
There is nothing like an easy to read blog which provides you information at the same time. Strong keywords are always considered to be the back bone for traffic building but there is a lot other then strong keywords that could make your blog attract users.

Improving you page titles can also improve your SEO ratings. SEO is also what a good blogger never take for granted. There is always a room for improvement in the blog titles and keywords optimization. For example if you have a blog with a title post as "Earn Money Online Fast and Free" it is more likely to get less number of views than if you titled it as "Earn Money Online - Secrets revealed". People are attracted to words like secrets, tips etc. so add a flare of attractive words to your page title and get visitors.


SjAy said...

Thats makes more sense. I have noticed that post that are ranked high have 100000 impression but only get 100 click per day .... This is something I can improve.



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