Sunday, October 10, 2010

Social Networks

 How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog - VII
Having a couple of hundred visitors to your blog every day is the goal that many people are looking to achieve but there are a couple of points that I Think you should concentrate in order to get more traffic
1) Use social networking websites
2) Trade link for link
3) Background color

By using social networking websites like Facebook make a page for your blog and put highlights of your blog on it and try to update it regularly. Add friends of friends and invite them to be a part of that page or at least join your page.

Secondly Link exchange is also very important for every blog and website since it allows you to share web links of your friends and thus, as a result you get the desired targeted traffic that you are looking for. Link exchange makes it easy for search engines such as Google, Altavista, Mamma, Bing and many others to crawl to your web pages. It works on the principle that how many websites are directing links to your blog or website. The more websites and blogs directing towards your blog the higher you ranked in the SEO ranking and consequently the more traffic you get.

Another Thing that I would like to share with you is that according to a local survey websites and blogs that have light background and a dark highlighted text attract more people to read what they have it as a content of the blog or website. So as I mentioned in my recent posts try different backgrounds and templates for your website or blog in order to get the best for your blog/website. I personally recommend you to have light color background (Light gray, sky blue, or even white) for your blog because the black text written on the light background is prominent and is easily readable by the visitors and subscribers.Lastly make your every piece of written articles count use your comments referring your blog.

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