Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Writing Articles and Linking Back

How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog - VIII
In the last post I have mentioned the way to get traffic from PPC method, but in this post I will explain you how you can earn money by writing articles and linking those to your website.  As mentioned earlier that Google and other search engines crawl your websites as they see the content of that website, it is highly recommended that you should consider posting more and more stuff on your blog as the time passes by. 
There are a few methods that can make your blog get loads of traffic. You may or may not be familiar with article directories. But in order to get a very decent count of traffic to your website or blog you must consider articles to be submitted to different websites or blog at that is called submitting articles to different directories. 

Now I will give you an example on how to use article directories for your blog promotion. The first step  is to get accounts on different websites like ezinearticles, freearticlesubmission etc. after that Suppose you have written five articles a week, each 350 words long with a couple of links. Submit these five articles by the end of every week to at least 3 different directories. Then by the end of the month you will have 60 articles (on different directories) with 120 links to your blog, and if you are consistent and keep on writing for about an year you will have 720 articles with 1440 links to your blog, amazing! isn't it???

If that many links are directed to your blog I can assure you, you are going to have your blog rank among the top ten pages of Google for your particular genre.

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