Saturday, October 16, 2010

Try Offline Advertisement

How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog - IX
Many methods we have discussed up till now are typically web based ideas for getting traffic to your blog. But in this post I will explain a method that isn't related to your online social network, instead I will talk about an offline method that would make your blog popular among the locals of your city or even the state.

The method is to advertise your blog in the local newspapers and web related magazines. As a matter of fact, people around the world are still spending more than 70% of their average time of the day offline either they are on the job or  at home. This offline time includes reading newspapers or even magazines. So there is a great probability that a person that doesn't know about your blogs might have a chance to visit it by reading something about it in the newspaper or magazine. 

Advertising in the local newspaper will give your blog a viewership that will follow your every post because they can also take a part in your blog physically. The point that I want to introduce here is that you should advertise your blog and ask the help of people around you (either physical help or link exchange for blog promotion). For the promotion of your blog ask any internee or any person who can share the brochures of your blog with the people who have interest in what you have to offer at your blog. Advertising in the web related magazines will help you get attention among the people of your own niche. So I urge you all to try at least once the offline method for the promotion of your blog.  

Advertising in the local newspaper and magazines is very cheap as compare to the online advertisement. You can have a fixed amount for your advertisement say you have invested $500 for your ad in an local newspaper. In that ad mention the product you have to sale at your blog or add any stuff that you are giving to your viewers for free and highlight that "the blog will be updated every two days so keep in touch for more stuff". That kind of statement can bring your blog a great number of unique viewers to your blog. You will definitely feel that it was worth to advertise in newspapers and magazines.

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